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3. September–23. September
Main Stage
2 h 15 min / 1 break

A heartbreaking, forbidden love story

With scenes so beautiful they take your breath away and love so strong it conquers death. You won’t want to miss this gripping ballet with the Norwegian National Ballet!

First love, betrayal, grief and forgiveness – Giselle is a rollercoaster of a romance. “Everlasting beauty on the Main Stage,” wrote Aftenposten in 2020.  

Life-and-death dance 

Giselle falls in love with Albrecht, who hides the fact that he is actually engaged to Bathilde. Giselle loves Albrecht so intensely that she dies of madness on discovering his betrayal. Albrecht repents and visits Giselle’s grave, where he is haunted by the Wilis – vengeful ghosts of jilted brides who drive young men to dance to death. Is Giselle’s love strong enough to save him? 

The ultimate romantic ballet 

Romantic ballet as a genre arose in the 1800s, with a rural first act, followed by a ‘white’ second act. During the white act, the female dancers wear only white costumes and the act usually includes supernatural elements and insanity. 

Giselle is the quintessential romantic ballet. We experience not only a madness scene that requires considerable dramatic skills on the part of the ballerina, but also the supernatural Wilis in the second act. 

Dream role for ballerinas 

“Giselle is the dream role for a ballerina. Exposing the soul and spirit is no easy task. As the wind, she never stops moving,” says former prima ballerina Cynthia Harvey, who has staged Giselle for the Norwegian National Ballet. 

After the premiere in Paris in 1841, all major ballet companies have created their own version of Giselle. Harvey based hers on the original choreography by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot to Adolphe Adam’s evocative music. 

  • Free introduction one hour before the performace

Artistic team and Cast

  • Choreograher
    Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot 
  • Stager
    Cynthia Harvey
  • Music
    Adolphe Adam
  • Set- and Costume Designer
    David Walker
  • Lighting Designer
    James F. Ingalls
  • Conductor
    Nathan Brock
  • Participants
    Norwegian National Ballet, Norwegian National Opera Orchestra
100 – 900 kr
  • Saturday 3. September
    18:00 / Main Stage
  • Wednesday 7. September
    19:00 / Main Stage
  • Thursday 8. September
    19:00 / Main Stage
  • Saturday 10. September
    18:00 / Main Stage
  • Wednesday 14. September
    19:00 / Main Stage
  • Friday 16. September
    19:00 / Main Stage
  • Saturday 17. September
    18:00 / Main Stage
  • Tuesday 20. September
    19:00 / Main Stage
  • Thursday 22. September
    19:00 / Main Stage
  • Friday 23. September
    19:00 / Main Stage