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Jo Strømgren Kompani:


30. January–2. February
Scene 2
1 h 15 min

An homage to common sense and the imagination

How individual are we really? And to what degree are the choices we make really our own?

Mental collapse

In The Breakdown, a person’s nervous breakdown is dissected and critically examined. What happened? What went wrong? In the Jo Strømgren Kompani’s newest performance, the cause and effect relationship is examined from the individual to society, with references to Western cultural history, sociology, natural science, genetics and religion.

In a time when ‘snowflake’ has become a designation of a generation with exaggerated self-esteem, it is perhaps worthwhile to reflect on the baggage we all carry with us – and possibly deny – in our attempts to appear unique.

Strømgren’s universe

The Breakdown is an homage to both common sense and insane digression. Through text and dance, facts and fantasy, the Jo Strømgren Kompani create a curious universe where anything is possible and nothing is certain. But perhaps it is worthwhile to stop every so often and reflect, as a passenger on a journey to an unknown destination. We may very well end up somewhere completely new.

The performance is produced by the Jo Strømgren Kompani.


100–350 kr
  • Thursday 30. January
    19.30 / Scene 2
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  • Friday 31. January
    19.30 / Scene 2
  • Saturday 1. February
    18.30 / Scene 2
  • Sunday 2. February
    18.30 / Scene 2