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Nordic Black Theatre:

After the dream

19. March–22. March
Scene 2
2 h

Martin Luther King’s legacy is brought to life with dance, drama, and music

Martin Luther King Jr. has inspired many in the fight for equality and justice

In this performance, we meet King, Jr. in the last year of his life, and the women he worked with.

The text is written by Jason Nemor Harden and Zoya Taylor, the director is Cliff A. Moustache, and the choreographer is Bright Wamwanduka.

After the Dream is co-produced by Nordic Black Theatre and The Norwegian Opera & Ballet.

Artistic team

  • Manus
    Jason Nemor Harden og Zoya Taylor
  • Regi
    Cliff A. Moustache
  • Koreograf
    Bright Wamwanduka
  • Medvirkende
    Jason Nemor Harden, Zanele Sidzumo Baqwa, Shara Lunon, Amie Mbye, Festus Mwenda, Fredrick Milanya, Kevin Mbugua, Clifton Harrydass, Olve Flakne og Alexander Crook
140–220 kr
  • Thursday 19. March
    19.30 / Scene 2
  • Friday 20. March
    19.30 / Scene 2
  • Saturday 21. March
    18.30 / Scene 2
  • Sunday 22. March
    16.00 / Scene 2