The Norwegian National Opera

Soloists with the Norwegian National Opera


The Norwegian National Opera is Norway's only professional opera ensemble, with 13 soloists (4 of these positions are apprentice places for young singers who have recently completed their opera training), the Norwegian National Opera Chorus and the Norwegian National Opera Children's Chorus, which have 53 and 70 members respectively. Each season, the Norwegian National Opera also engages a variety of national and international guest soloists.

The Norwegian National Opera was founded in 1959 with Kirsten Flagstad as its first Director. 

The International Opera Award 2015 recently awarded its accessibility prize to The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet. The jury was utterly taken with the institution’s cultivation of openness, reflected not only in its beautifully designed house but also in the way it strives to make live opera available and appealing to new audiences on its stage. 



Operasjef / Artistic Director

Annilese Miskimmon

Assisterende operasjef / Deputy Artistic Director

Alma Nedrelid

Personlig assistent / Personal Assistant to the Opera Director

Hilde Marie Toftner

Kunstnerisk administrator / Artistic Administrator

Marit Wathne Jacobsen


Hedda Høgåsen-Hallesby

Produsent / Producer

Henrik Celius

Produsent / Producer

Maria Costa

Regissør / Stage Director

Hilde Andersen

Regissør/Stage Director

Victoria Bomann-Larsen

Regissør / Stage Director

Gudrun Glette

Regissør / Stage Director

Heidi Bruun Nedregaard


Bjarne Sakshaug
Markus Kvits
Leiv Amundsen
Kalle Kuusava
Julia Strelchenko
Andrea Secchi / John Lidal (vikar)

Øvrig administrasjon

Anita Dahlstrøm / Ressursplanlegger / Planning Coordinator Opera

Solveig Riiser / Ressursplanlegger / Planning Coordinator Opera

Tove Bagroen / Turnékonsulent / Touring Coordinator

Boris Schäfer / Studieleder  / Head of Music Dep. 

Katrine Hansteen / Leder tekst og suffli / Head of Subtitles and Prompting