The Norwegian National Ballet 2


The Norwegian National Ballet 2 was launched on June 15th, 2015, and is a multiyear investment in young dancers – made possible by Talent Norway AS, Statkraft, the Savings Bank Foundation DNB and the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation. The Norwegian National Ballet is exploring new ways to develop the dancers of tomorrow, and in a strong ballet tradition they are now heavily investing in the future.

The Norwegian National Ballet 2 consists of ten Norwegian and foreign talents between the ages of 17 and 23. In addition to their own performances and touring, the company will also participate in Norwegian National Ballet productions. The aim is to gather some of the best young dancers in Norway and from around the world in the Opera house.

- We feel that it is strategically important to increase recruitment and improve the training of younger dancers, so that new members of the company will not only be able to preserve but also evolve the unique style and repertoire of the Norwegian National Ballet, Ballet Director Ingrid Lorentzen says.

The Norwegian National Ballet 2 aim to develop dancers with a strong artistic integrity and a meticulous technique. They will specialize in what is today the Norwegian National Ballet’s signature: the classical heritage, the Kylián repertoire and original choreographies created for them.

The company will also strengthen its collaboration with Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), and be important for young dancers’ transition from education into a professional career. The company will contribute to a bigger scene for Norwegian ballet talents, and thus provide greater returns on pursuing a ballet education in Norway. The youth company will also collaborate with Olympic organization Olympiatoppen and contribute to the Learn and share program for interdisciplinary development of achievements and a culture of achievement in connection with the Youth Olympic Games at Lillehammer in 2016. The company may also serve as an inspiration for the ongoing work at the regional dance centers around the country.

The Norwegian National Ballet 2 is made possible by Talent Norway AS, combined with generous contributions from foundations and Statkraft. Talent Norway contributes a total of 4.5 million kroner over three years, the Savings Bank Foundation DNB gives a total of 3 million kroner over 2 years and the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation gives a total of 1.5 million kroner to the youth company over a three-year period. Statkraft provides 900 000 kroner for the youth company’s own tour of a selection of larger cities in fall 2016.


Leder Nasjonalballetten UNG/danser Leader NNB2/Principal dancer

Kaloyan Boyadjiev


Nasjonalballetten UNG og Kingwings Crew skal ut på turné med Romeo og Julie. Høsten 2016 var kompaniet på turné  i Bergen, Trondheim og Kristiansand. Turneen høsten 2016 ble realisert i samarbeid med Statkraft.

Turneen fortsetter i 2017:

Arktisk Kultursenter, Hammerfest
Onsdag 15. mars kl 19:00

Harstad Kulturhus
Søndag 19. mars kl 18:00

Stormen Kulturhus, Bodø
Tirsdag 21. mars kl 19:00

Maihaugsalen, Lillehammer
Søndag 26. mars kl 18:00


20., 21. og 22 april er Nasjonalballetten UNG og Kingwings i Madrid på Teatros del Canal. Les mer her!

The Prix de Lausanne

The Norwegian National Ballet is partner with the Prix de Lausanne.

The Prix de Lausanne, an international competition for young dancers, is open to young dancers of all nationalities aged 14 to 19 who are not yet professionals.

The objective of the Prix de Lausanne is to help young talented dancers start in their professional careers. The winners of the contest receive scholarships that allow them to complete their training for one year in one of the schools or professional dance companies, partners of the Prix de Lausanne

Prix de Lausanne.