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For many years we have valued our deep and beneficial cooperation with schools across Norway – and we want to continue this. Each year, more than 20 000 children and young people take part in the education and outreach activities of the Norwegian Opera & Ballet, including daily guided tours and meetings with artists, as well as workshops and performances. We manage this thanks to a good cooperation with inquisitive teachers, who are active at taking the initiative. These pages offers an overview of tried and tested, as well as new programmes, all adapted for various age groups. Some will give the first glimpse into the world of Opera, others may be used as resources for those who have the opportunity to do preparatory or post-performance activities relating to the curriculum. 

Our intention is to adapt our education and outreach activities to the age and study programmes of the pupils, and we welcome questions or ideas about how best to satisfy your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us – under each of the programmes you will find the name of the person who can best answer your questions.

See you in the Opera – or in your school!
The Education and Outreach Department of the Norwegian Opera & Ballet

Guided tours

Guided tours

A guided tour will show pupils the small and large rooms and spaces of the Opera House, they will learn about how a production is born and makes its way to the stage. These tours are adapted for the various age groups and can be adapted to different school years and study programmes. Guided tours are arranged every day on the hour from 10am until two hours before the start of the Main Auditorium per­formance. 
Duration: approximately 50 minutes 

We also offer guided tours with a stage rehearsal included, where pupils can watch parts of a rehearsal in the Main Auditorium. These tours are only arranged on specified days and normally start at 10am. 
Duration: approximately. 90 minutes 


Day care institutions and schools, up to and including upper secondary schools
Guided tour: NOK 500 per group of up to 25 persons in the daytime/weekdays
Guided tour with stage rehearsal: NOK 750 per group of up to 25 persons in the daytime/weekdays

Experiential colleges and schools of performing arts and music
Guided tour: NOK 1000 per group of up to 25 persons
Guided tour with stage rehearsal: NOK 1500 per group of up to 25 persons

Teacher groups
We also arrange guided tours for teachers:
Workdays before 5pm: NOK 1500 per group of up to 25 persons
Workdays after 5pm and weekends: NOK 2000 per group of up to 15 persons / NOK 3000 per group of up to 25 persons

For booking or more information please contact:
Tel.: +47 47 91 51 61, Mondays through Fridays 10 am to noon.  

Barnehage på omvisning i Operaen

Kontakt oss for omvisning mandag - fredag kl 10.00 - 12.00

Dress rehearsal with lecture

Dress rehearsal with introductory lecture at the Opera

Students in upper secondary schools, schools of performing arts and music, and universities and university colleges may attend dress rehearsals. These take place in the daytime or evening, have a limited number of seats and require participation in an introductory lecture in our education centre one hour before the dress rehearsal starts. 

Performance tickets

We have a special price category for school classes in primary school through upper secondary school. This price applies to all performances. For some performances we offer educational guidance, and we may also visit your school for a preparatory visit. 

Price: NOK 100 per pupil

Tickets for these performances must be booked by the school for all the pupils in question. A free ticket for the teacher accompanying the group is included.

For questions about educational guidance please contact:
Marianne Oulie Wiik, tel.: + 47 47 91 52 46
For booking tickets please contact:


Musical interlude

Playful music og dance session

This season we are inviting four, five and six year olds to a playful Music or Dance Session in the Opera.

During the Music Session children will learn about operatic adventures, such as The Magic Flute, Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel, and they will be able to sing, play and act with music teacher Helene Dick-Henriksen and pianist Sara Aimee Smiseth.

During the Dance Session the children will learn about the ballets The Nutcracker or Swan Lake, and can dance and play their way through the adventures with ballet teacher Aranka Sestak.

The programme is suitable for children aged four and above, lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and will take place on selected Fridays in the autumn of 2015 and winter of 2016.

Price:  NOK 750 per group of up to 25 participants (adults and children)
For booking or more information please contact:                       
tel.: +47 47 91 51 61, Mondays through Fridays 10 am – noon


Opera on the Schedule

Opera on the Schedule

In the autumn of 2015, pupils in Year 5 at Manglerud school will have one opera class a week with song and drama to explore songs and emotions from the world of opera with professional actors, singers and musicians. This will result in the opera fable Funiculi and Funicula, which will be performed in the school for co-pupils and family in the last week of January 2016.

After Christmas new schools may register for participation in Opera på timeplanen. 
For more information please contact:

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Dance program

Takket være sjenerøs støtte fra Sparebankstiftelsen DNB har over 2000 ungdommer tatt del i danseprosjektet På tå hev i 2017.

Vi har gjennomført 100 workshoper i moderne dans på videregående skoler, private danseskoler og kulturskoler på Østlandet, Sørlandet og i Nord-Norge. Fra hver region er inntil 20 dansesultne ungdommer valgt ut til å være med på trinn to av På tå hev. De har i høst hatt intensiv dansetrening i Operaen, i Kilden i Kristiansand og i Stormen i Bodø. Sammen med koreografer fra Nasjonalballetten har de utviklet verk, og 21. desember møtes de på Scene 2 i Operaen for å danse for hverandre og publikum.

Forestillingen består av tre ulike koreografier, skapt av Samantha Lynch og Douwe Dekkers for gruppa fra Østlandet, Shane Urton for gruppa fra Sørlandet og Lucas Lima for gruppa fra Nord-Norge.

Gjennom På tå hev ønsker Den Norske Opera & Ballett å gi ungdommer mulighet til å oppleve hva dans er gjennom å danse selv. Tusenvis av ungdommer får mulighet til å prøve seg i en workshop, og fra disse får de med spesiell interesse for dans mulighet til å videreutvikle seg.

Med dette formidlingsprosjektet ønsker vi å knytte bånd til dansemiljøer over hele Norge. Kanskje ender noen som dansere, andre som dedikerte publikummere, men viktigst er at alle får muligheter til å utvikle ferdigheter som å uttrykke seg, ta initiativ, være disiplinerte og samarbeide.


PÅ TÅ HEV 2011 teaser

PÅ TÅ HEV 2011 film


PÅ TÅ HEV 2012 teaser

PÅ TÅ HEV 2012 film


PÅ TÅ HEV 2013 film


PÅ TÅ HEV 2014 teaser

Recognizing Through Dance
PÅ TÅ HEV 2014 film

PÅ TÅ HEV 2014


Ut i Norge
PÅ TÅ HEV 2015 teaser



Bergen 2016 teaser 

Trondheim 2016 teaser 

Stavanger 2016 teaser 

Oslo 2016 teaser 

2016 film 


På tå hev 2017 i Kristiansand teaser

På tå hev 2017 i Bodø teaser


The Cultural Rucksack

The Cultural Rucksack

Through The Cultural Rucksack series for the 2015/16 season we are offering the following programmes:

Meet the Norwegian Opera & Ballet
School classes from Years 5 to 7 in Oslo and Akershus can visit us in the Opera. The intention is to give the pupils knowledge about the opera and ballet as art forms, and insight into how a large theatre house works. The pupils are given a guided tour of the foyer, backstage and in our workshop spaces, where they will get to see costumes and learn about the various trades that contribute in the opera house. Meeting opera singers, ballet dancers or orchestra musicians, the pupils will also be able to try their hand at ballet, opera or playing an instrument. Perhaps they will return to school doing steps from Giselle or humming a song from The Magic Flute?

Into the Opera
Pupils in upper secondary school in the counties of Akershus, Vestfold and Buskerud will be given a customised guided tour, including rehearsals or a focus on the technical side of stage production and meet a performer or technician from the Opera. Through these meetings they will learn what it takes to be a singer, dancer, musician or technician in an opera house. Teachers and pupils will also be given the opportunity to attend an evening performance in the Main Auditorium.

Schools register through The Cultural Rucksack in their respective counties. 

For any question about the programmes please contact:
Gabrielle Tillson,