Mini – song or dance play

A Song and dance play for the youngest

Our Mini-series helps familiarise the very youngest with current opera or ballet performances. We open their eyes and ears  to the magical world of Opera. The children can sing and dance along, and no previous knowledge is required. They get to play with the songs and the music – and can act the roles of evil sorcerers, small swans and beautiful princesses depending on the make-believe opera or ballet world they are stepping into. The mini-series is run by professional presenters, often aided by a singer or dancer.


Education Centre


50 minutes


4–7 years

Adults may watch from the gallery and must have their own ticket


NOK 100

Fra Minimadama i 2012. I Minimadama får de aller minste sjansen til å bli kjent med Puccinis opera Madama Butterfly. Sammen med sanger Eli Kristin Hanssveen og pianist Marianne Oulie Wiik leker de seg igjennom handlingen.