About the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet 

The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet is Norway’s largest music and performing arts institution. The organisation was founded in 1957 and originally performed in Oslo’s Folketeatret, and Kirsten Flagstad was appointed as its - and Norway’s first - opera director. 56 years later and now in its own opera house, the institution is experiencing record audiences: never before have so many members of the public attended performances staged by the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet as in 2012.

The workplace

The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet is also a large place of work for a lot of people. The organisation employs people from 40 nations in some 50 different trades and professions, working the equivalent of 620 man-labour-years. Orchestra musicians, singers and stage directors work side by side with joiners, shoemakers, bookkeepers and stage technicians. They work for the Norwegian National Ballet, Norwegian National Opera, Norwegian National Opera Orchestra, Norwegian National Opera Chorus, Norwegian National Opera Children’s Chorus, and in workshops, the stage section and administration.

Performing artists

The Norwegian National Ballet has close to 60 dancers, the Norwegian National Opera 25 soloists, the Norwegian National Opera Chorus over 50 professional singers, and the Norwegian National Opera Orchestra about 100 musicians. The Norwegian National Opera Children’s Chorus and the Norwegian National Opera Ballet School are popular offerings by the Norwegian National Opera for children and youngsters.

But not everyone is on the stage or sits in the orchestra pit. As one of the world’s most advanced theatre houses, the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet also has a large technical department with people who work with stage technology, light and sound. The also create costumes, wigs and props for the different productions on the programme. In addition, there are all the administrative functions in support of those working on stage, front of stage and backstage.

Operaen 10 år
Celine Kraal
Ellen Kjellberg
Grete Brunvoll
Helge Evju
Ingeborg Marie Brekke
Itziar Galdos
Kari Frisell
Knut Skram
Ola Faye
Paul Podolski
Terje Boye Hansen
Terje Stensvold
Toini Kristensen