June 1 –13

An Evening with the Masters: White Nights

3 x great ballets 


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These three masterpieces are milestones in the history of dance, and were created by three choreography legends: Marius Petipa, Ohad Naharin and George Balanchine. The evening spans centuries, dance styles and atmospheres, from the classical Kingdom of Shades to the playful energy of Secus.

Legendary beauty

We begin in white with the beautiful Kingdom of Shades from La Bayadère. The latter is one of the greatest ever classical ballets, but has never before been performed in Norway. Petipa's 1877 Russian ballet was unknown in the West for many years, and it wasn't until 1961 that the Kirov Ballet took the now iconic Kingdom of Shades on tour to Paris. The scene is a vision of white-clad ballerinas, set to music by Ludwig Minkus. The version you will see was created by Natalia Makarova after Petipa's original choreography.

Mr Gaga himself

He is known as Mr Gaga, but has nothing to do with Lady Gaga. Israeli Ohad Naharin is the originator of an innovative movement language, Gaga, and choreographies that have taken the dance world by storm. Last season audiences exited with a smile after watching the Norwegian National Ballet 2 dance Minus 16. Secus is also energetic, explosive and very human. You could call it a kind of wild everyday dance, performed to electronic rhythms, Indian melodies and The Beach Boys. Naharin has created a different version for this occasion, featuring mostly male dancers.

See the music, hear the dance

The evening's finale, Symphony in C, is on pointe and dressed in white tulle. George Balanchine was a pioneer of ballet, and is regarded as the father of neoclassical dance. There is no plot in his works, but the music and movements melt into one. “See the music, hear the dance,” as the choreographer himself used to say. In this performance, you will see George Bizet's Symphony in C, and hear Balanchine's brilliant choreography.

After an evening with the Norwegian National Ballet and the Norwegian National Opera Orchestra, you'll be dancing your way home in the light June night!

  • Free introduction one hour before the performance

Kingdom of Shades
Choreographer Natalia Makarova
Music Ludwig Minkus
Set Designer Pier Luigi Samaritani
Costume Designer Yolanda Sonnabend
Lighting Designer John B. Read
Video Design 59 Productions

Choreographer  Ohad Naharin
Music Chari Chari, Kid 606 + Rayon (mix: Stefan Ferry), AGF, Chronomad (Wahed), Fennesz, Kaho Naa… Pyar Hai, Seefeel, The Beach Boys
Costume Designer Rakefet Levy
Lighting Designer Avi Yona Bueno
Sound Designer Ohad Fishof

Symfoni i C
Choreographer George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust
Music  Georges Bizet
Costume Designer Mikael Melbye
Lighting Designer Gretar Sveinbjørnsson

Conductor Per Kristian Skalstad
Artists Nasjonalballetten, Operaorkestret


Kingdom of Shades

Koreografi Natalia Makarova etter Marius Petipa
Musikk Ludwig Minkus
Scenografi Pier Luigi Samaritani
Kostymer Yolanda Sonnabend
Lysdesign John B. Read
Videodesign 59 Productions


Koreografi Ohad Naharin
Musikk Chari Chari, Kid 606 + Rayon (mix: Stefan Ferry), AGF, Chronomad (Wahed), Fennesz, Kaho Naa… Pyar Hai, Seefeel, The Beach Boys
Kostymer Rakefet Levy
Lysdesign Avi Yona Bueno
Lyddesign Ohad Fishof

Symphony in C

Koreografi George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust
Musikk Georges Bizet
Kostymer Mikael Melbye
Lysdesign Gretar Sveinbjørnsson

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