19. September 2011

The Opera Orchestra’s chamber music series 19. September



  • / Second House / Concert

Intimate concerts in the Second House. This season too, members of the Opera Orchestra will give us intimate concerts in chamber format in the Second House. No specific programme can be promised in advance, but there will certainly be treats from the musicians’ own wish lists. A chamber concert is a good way to get better acquainted with each musician, the sounds of the different instruments and a great deal of exceptional music!


Brahms strykekvintett nr. 1 i F dur

  • 1. fiolin: Dominic Griffiths
  • 2. fiolin: Daniel Dalnoki1. 
  • bratsj: Johannes Sykora
  • 2. bratsj: Truls Bernhardsen
  • Cello: Juhani Kaasinen

Beethoven: Septett

  • Fiolin: Karoline Hillle
  • Bratsj: Johannes Sykora
  • Cello: Juhani Kaasinen
  • Bass: Danijel Petrovic
  • Klarinet: Sonia Sielaff
  • Fagott: Carl Sönje Montag
  • Horn: Bernhard Hoffmann