September 18 –19

Buenos Aires

Chamber opera world premiere



With Buenos Aires we present the world premiere of a completely new chamber opera. The work is about indirect communication and, as implied in the title, the air, or perhaps simply the absurdity of communicating through song.Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen is behind this production. With his multimedia works that explore the grey area between music, performance, theatre and video art, Steen-Andersen has attracted a lot of attention on the European music scene in recent years. In his new opera, he also fills the roles of librettist, set designer and instructor. 

The cast is the German vocal ensemble Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart and the Norwegian Ensemble asamisimasa, with whom Steen-Andersen has worked for many years.

Produced in coollaboration with the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival .



  • Scene
    Second House
  • Price
    100 - 350 NOK
  • /
    No intermission

September 2014