November 4.

The Norwegian Armed Services Music Division 200th Anniversary – Gala concert

Magnificent military gala





The Norwegian Armed Services Music Division is celebrating its 200th anniversary. It is marking the “ Music Corps Year 2018” event with a magnificent gala at the Opera. All five professional military music corps  – The  Norwegian Air Force Band,  The Royal Norwegian Navy Band,  The Norwegian Armed Forces, Band The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Army Band – Northern Norway, will all be appearing, together with specially invited guests.

There will also be a performance by a young soloist, selected by the Norwegian Federation of Music Corps. The program spans over 200 years, from the early regimental drummers of the 1800s, to modern  pieces for wind orchestras. A new piece by Stig Nordhagen, composed specially for the occasion, will also be performed.

Programme to be announced.



  • Scene
    Main House
  • Price
    250 - 350 NOK
  • /
    1 intermission

November 2018