December 5 –11

Jingle Horse! – a Christmas special

Playful festive theatre in English



What happens when a bunch of world-weary actors — all with a complicated relationship to the festive season — are asked to create a Christmas show in collaboration with overworked dancers from the Norwegian National Ballet? Is The Nutcracker the only Christmas ballet?

No, is the answer from resident choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen, who created a Christmas show for the Second House in 2015, together with actors from his own company, winter guests, and dancers from the Norwegian National Ballet.

Staged as a 1950s television show, inspired by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra's Christmas Special, we meet the people who are creating our new Christmas show, and are drawn into a variety of stories, all with a connection to Christmas. Expect heartwarming and eerie moments, dancing, Christmas songs, ghosts and shocks, Santa Claus and snow, and much more.

Alan Lucien Øyen promises us, “A Christmas performance in the best sense of the word: not only a festive atmosphere but also dignified; not only playful, but also melancholy.”

The award-winning director, choreographer and scriptwriter – who loves both Christmas and The Nutcracker – is looking to bring out alternative Christmas stories. As usual, he is working in collaboration with actor and writer Andrew Wale.

  • NB: This theatre performance will be in English, and is most suitable for adults and children aged 15 and over. Please note that cigarettes will be smoked on stage and strobe lighting will be used.
  • Choreography Alan Lucien Øyen
  • Manuscript Alan Lucien Øyen / Andrew Wale
  • Set design Martin Flack / Leiko Fuseya
  • Lighting design Torkel Skjærven
  • Sound design Gunnar Innvær
  • Medvirkende Dansere og skuespillere fra winter guests og Nasjonalballetten

Jingle Horse! er tilbake. Med skuespillere fra winter guests og dansere fra Nasjonalballetten.



  • Scene
    Teater på Scene 2
  • Price
    100 - 350 NOK
  • /
    No intermission

December 2018