November 11.

Meisterkonserten 2018

A celebratory concert with Norway's foremost folk musicians 



Every summer, thousands of practitioners from across the country meet to compete in traditional folk music and dance at the Landsfestival and Landskappleiken festivals.  They compete in the traditional ‘gammeldans’ and ‘gammeldans music. Over a few days of intense competition, winners are announced in the categories of acting, dance and folk singing.

For the third time, FolkOrg – the organisation for folk music and folk dance – has assembled a selection of these masters of folk music for a celebratory concert at the National Opera House. 100 masters of their art, from 12 to 80 years of age and from across the length and breadth of Norway, will take the stage. Among other things on offer will be leaping Hallingdans, mournful ballads, fiddle playing, old folk music instruments, and sparkling interaction. The participants will be invited during the summer.

The concert forms a part of a larger folk music weekend in Oslo. In addition to the winners of each category, a number of other folk music awards will be presented, including the Folk Musician of the Year Award!

Visit and for more information about the program and performers.

Welcome to a festival concert with unique expressions of folk music 



  • Scene
    Main House
  • Price
    150 - 550 NOK
  • /
    1 intermission

November 2018