November 3.

The Opera Orchestra: Grieg's Piano concerto in A minor, 150th anniversary

Grieg’s Piano concerto and Shostakovich’s Leningrad symphony.



Is Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor the world’s most famous piano concerto? It is certainly one of the most performed. This evening, the young and rising star Joseph Moog will perform on piano, together with the Opera Orchestra.

It is 150 years since Grieg composed his pyrotechnic romantic-national piano concerto, often referred to as a “Norway in miniature”. The concerto forms part of the standard repertoire for most pianists, and is high on the list for the German Joseph Moog.

German piano master with a shining carrier

Moog was born in 1987 and began playing piano as a 4 year old. Despite his young age he has been performing concerts for decades and has released a number of CDs. He has won several awards, was named Gramophone Young Artist of the Year i 2015 and was Grammy nominated for his concert performance of Grieg and Moskowsky in 2016.

From Norwegian romantic nationalism to Leningrad

The Opera Orchestra will follow Grieg’s famous concerto with a concert performance of what is probably Dmitri Shostakovich’s best known symphony: The Leningrad Symphony, or Symphony no. 7 in C Major.

Leningrad was besieged for 900 days during the Second World War. Conditions in the city were appalling. The residents could literally drop dead from hunger at work or in the streets. Shostakovich lived in Leningrad during the siege, and it was at this time he started work on his 7th Symphony. The composer is reported to have said: “I listened to life, saw the plight of the Russian people, and tried to imprint my images of their daily life in my music”. The symphony is still considered a central musical homage to the millions of soviet citizens who lost their lives during the invasion and occupation of the Soviet Union.

Ryan Bancroft conducts. Earlier this year he won the Malko competition.


Edvard Grieg: Piano concerto in A Minor, Op. 16
Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony no. 7 in C major, Op. 60
With Joseph Moog/piano, the Opera Orchestra, Ryan Bancroft/conductor



  • Scene
    Main House
  • Price
    100 - 445 NOK
  • /
    1 intermission

November 2018