April 4.

Love songs by Brahms and Schumann

An homage to love


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Musicians from Norway and Finland will offer up both humour and passion as they perform love songs by Brahms and Schumann in the Second House. Singers Isa Katharina Gericke, Melis Jaatinen, Thorbjørn Gulbrandsøy and Halvor Melien, and pianists Juho Alakärppa and Thormod Rønning Kvam, all have a special interest in the lied and romance repertoire. Now they are tackling Brahms's Liebeslieder and Schumann's Spanische Liebeslieder

The 18 songs in Brahms's Liebeslieder are relatively short, covering a range of emotions and moods. The lyrics are taken from Georg Friedrich Daumer's collection of folk songs and love poems, Polydora, and accompanied by four hands on the piano.

Schumann's Spanische Liebeslieder is the second of the composer's two song cycles to be based on Spanish folk songs. As with the Brahms song cycle, the piano accompaniment is written for four hands. The lyrics of the ten songs are not necessarily related to each other, but some characters reappear throughout the cycle.

Performers: Isa Katharina Gericke/sopraon, Melis Jaatinen/mezzosoprano, Thorbjørn Gulbrandsøy/tenor, Halvor Melien/baryton, Juho Alakärppa/piano, Thormod Rønning Kvam/piano

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    Second House
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April 2019

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