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Emma Lloyd

Since joining the Norwegian National Ballet in 2006, Emma Lloyd has danced such roles as Olga in Cranko’s Onegin, Kitty in Spuck’s Anna Karenina, Micaëla in Scarlett’s Carmen – a ballet in three acts and as the Princess in Scarlett’s Firebird, a role that, like her role in Scarlett’s Vespertine, was created for her. She has danced in Haagenrud's The Commoners, Strømgren's The Outskirts and Øyen’s Timelapse and, in the autumn of 2018, played the role of both Ophelia and the Student in Øyen’s The Hamlet Complex.

Lloyd has danced such classic roles as Clara in Bjørn's The Nutcracker, Amor in Nureyev’s Don Quixote, Bluebird pas de deux and the Song Bird Fairy Fairy of Song Birds in Stevenson's Sleeping Beauty and has danced in Stevenson’s Cinderella, Holmes' Swan Lake and MacMillan’s Manon. She has also danced in such neoclassical works as Balanchine’s Theme and Variations and Serenade.

Lloyd has distinguished herself in numerous works by Kylián: One of a Kind, Sechs TänzeNo More PlayTar and Feathers27'52"Gods and DogsStepping StonesWings of Wax, Arcimboldo and Bella Figura. She has held prominent roles in ballets such as Forsythe’s The Second DetailEnemy in the Figure and One Flat Thing, reproduced, Duato’s White DarknessMultiplicity and Without Words and Skew Whiff, Sh-Boom, Safe As Houses, Skew Whiff and Sad Case by León and Lightfoot.

Lloyd is originally from Wales and trained at the Royal Ballet School in London. Before joining the Norwegian National Ballet, she danced with the Dresden SemperOper Ballet, including in leading roles in Don Quixote, Kylián’s Sinfonietta and choreographies by John Neumeier.


Previous acts

  • in Future Memories – an evening with Jiří Kylián
  • 4 Dryader in Don Quixote
  • A Swan Lake in A Swan lake
  • Agon in An evening with Balanchine
  • Amor / 4 Dryader in Don Quixote
  • Amor in Don Quixote
  • Brudepiker in Don Quixote
  • Columbine / Kinesisk in The Nutcracker
  • Columbine / Snøfnugg in The Nutcracker
  • Courtesans in Manon
  • Damer in MATS EK
  • Damer in MATS EK …
  • Fabrikkarbeidere in Carmen – a ballet by Liam Scarlett
  • Fiskekoner in Don Quixote
  • Franske damer in The Nutcracker
  • Fyrstinne Betsy Tsjerbatskaja in Anna Karenina
  • Harlots in Manon
  • Kinesisk in The Nutcracker
  • Kinesisk par in The Nutcracker
  • Kitty in Anna Karenina
  • Mahlermembran in Sleepless beauty
  • Micaëla in Carmen – a ballet by Liam Scarlett
  • Micaela in Carmen - a ballet in three acts
  • No More Play in Kylian: Black & White
  • Olga in Onegin
  • One flat thing, reproduced in Back to the Future
  • One of a kind in Kylián: One of A Kind
  • Ophelia in The Hamlet Complex Redux
  • Ophelia, Student in The Hamlet Complex
  • Salonscene 1 in Anna Karenina
  • Sechs Tänze in Kylian: Black & White
  • Serenade Damer in An evening with Balanchine
  • Skew Whiff in Dream Play
  • Små svaner in Swan Lake
  • Snøfnugg / Kinesisk in The Nutcracker
  • Snøfnugg in The Nutcracker
  • Store Clara in The Nutcracker
  • The Commoners in Ekman / Haagenrud / Kylián
  • Theme and Variations 8 damer in An evening with Balanchine
  • Theme and Variations in An evening with Balanchine
  • Timelapse in An Evening with Kylián, Forsythe and Øyen
  • Utkanten in Jo Strømgren: Hunger and The Outskirts
  • Vals in Cinderella
  • Venninne / Willi in Giselle
  • Venninne / Zulma in Giselle
  • Venninne / Zulma in Giselle
  • Without Words in Dream Play