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Luca Curreli

Since joining the Norwegian National Ballet, Luca Curreli (born in 1996) has danced such roles as the Gypsy King in Nureyev’s Don Quixote, the Court Jester in Holmes' Swan Lake, Beggar King in MacMillan’s Manon and the Gypsy in Liam Scarlett’s Carmen – a ballet in three acts. He has done the role of Hilarion in the 2nd act of Giselle and the Russian dance and Chinese solo in The Nutcracker.

He has also danced in Kylián’s One of a Kind, Sarabande and No More Play, Balanchine’s Themes and Variations and Serenade, Forsythe’s In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated and One Flat Thing, Reproduced, in addition to Øyen’s Timelapse and The Hamlet Complex, Strømgren’s Lamentate and Hunger and Ekman’s Rooms. He danced the world premiere of McGregor's Chroma and the world premieres of Haagenrud's The Commoners, Lynch's C aura and Jensen's To Fly, and the male lead role in Afternoon of a Faun by Jensen and Touret.

While Curreli was part of the Norwegian National Ballet 2 (NNB2) from 2015–2016, he danced in Boyadjiev’s Picture Perfect, Kylián’s Evening Songs and Haagenrud’s We are special.

Curreli began dancing ballet in his hometown of Rome at the age of four and played football for many years alongside dancing until he decided to focus exclusively on a career in ballet. He trained at the Balletto di Roma and Princess Grace Academy in Monte Carlo, where he danced in Balanchine’s Donizetti Variations and Serenade, as well as Maillot’s Dov’è la luna, La Belle and Men’s dance. He was also part of The Royal Ballet’s production of MacMillan's Manon, performed in Monte Carlo in 2013.


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