Frequent asked questions

Tickets, gift vouchers and subscriptions

Purchasing tickets

Do I have to purchase tickets in person or over the telephone?
The easiest way to purchase tickets is here on You can also purchase tickets using your mobile phone or tablet. However, should you need to call us our telephone number is (+47) 21 42 21 21.

If you have problems purchasing your tickets, a step-by-step guide is available here.

Read more about purchasing tickets 

Can I pay using a foreign credit card?
You can pay for tickets on using your Visaor MasterCard. However, not all foreign cards will be approved on – due to security reasons the card’s country of issue and the country of the computer’s IP address must be the same. This is unfortunately necessary to prevent the fraudulent use of foreign cards, and we therefore thank you for your understanding. 

If you have problems completing your payment, please contact Customer service on (+47) 21 42 21 21. 

Is it possible to change tickets I have purchased?
You may exchange your ticket for a performance of the same production on another day, as long as seats are available. This also applies to subscription tickets. It is not possible to exchange your tickets for tickets to a different production. Tickets must be exchanged no later than one week prior to the original performance date.

Exchanging your tickets will cost NOK 50 per ticket. Ticket exchanges must be made via telephone (+47 21 42 21 21) or at the box office.

Must I register as a user to purchase tickets on
No, you do not have to register as a user, but creating your own profile makes it easier to access your previous purchases. It also makes it easier for us to help you if you have lost your tickets or need to exchange them.

How many tickets may I purchase for each performance?
You may purchase up to nine tickets for a performance. If you require more tickets, you can contact us at, or call the box office on +47 21 42 21 21.

Do I need a paper ticket?
If you select print@home, you must either print out your ticket in advance, or present it on your mobile at the door. Please make sure you have your ticket ready to present to staff so that everyone can find their seats as quickly as possible.

Read more about group bookings here

Must I purchase a child’s ticket if the child sits on my lap?
All children must have a valid ticket.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend a performance?
We only offer refunds if we must cancel or change the date of a performance. In the event of a cancellation we will contact you as soon as possible, and endeavour to make the refund or exchange of your tickets for another date as smooth as possible.

Refunds are not provided in the event of cast changes, delays or technical faults. The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet is not responsible for refunding expenses other than the ticket price (travel and accommodation expenses, etc.).

What should I do if I am unable to find my ticket?
As long as we have registered who has purchased the ticket (name and/or telephone number), we will be able to issue you with a new ticket. Call +47 21 42 21 21, or contact the box office. 

Tip: If your ticket was sent to you via e-mail, you can search for e-mails from Billettportalen

Uncollected tickets / remaining seats Uncollected tickets are released on a continuous basis, so we recommend that you check the availability on in the period leading up to the performance and on the relevant performance date.

What discounts do you offer?
Children (up to 18 years): 50 %. Tickets must also be purchased for children seated on an accompanying adult’s lap.
Students/draftees: 50 % 
Senior citizens: 20 % (from 67 years of age or with valid ID)
OBOS members: 20 % (up to two tickets per performance)
Group, 10+: 15 %
Scenekort membership card: 50 % (up to two tickets per production). Applies to theatre and orchestra employees who are members of the Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras.
Subscribers receive a range of discounts and benefits. 

Do the discounts apply to all performances?
Discounts apply for most of our performances in the Main House and Second House, with the exception of certain concerts and guest performances. No discounts are offered on NOK 100 and NOK 200 tickets.



Gift Vouchers

Where can I find the PIN code for my gift voucher?

The PIN code is printed on the gift voucher. 

My gift voucher has expired or is about to expire – is it possible to extend it?

Expired gift vouchers cannot be used.

Gift vouchers must be used within the expiry date, but may also be used as payment for future performances.

Must I use the entire gift voucher at once, or can I use it several times?

Gift vouchers may be used as a means of payment in the two years during which the voucher is valid, while ever there is credit remaining on the voucher.

Must I purchase the gift voucher at the box office, or can I order it online?
Gift vouchers can be purchased on, and printed out at home. 

Purchase a gift voucher

Can I use my gift voucher in the restaurants and Opera Shop?

Gift vouchers may be used to purchase tickets to performances and guided tours, and on purchases in the Opera Shop.




What benefits will I receive if I purchase a subscription?

You’ll receive a 20 % discount on all performances included the subscription series with a fixed seat (excludes Red Carpet première subscriptions).

Children and students receive a 50 % discount. 

On tickets you purchase in addition to your subscription, you’ll receive a 20 % discount on performances in the Main House and 30 % discount on performances in the Second House. Children and students receive a 50 % discount on performances in both the Main and Second house. 

Subscribers may book up to nine additional tickets per performance in both the Main and Second house.

You can easily renew your subscription online around one month before non-subscription bookings open. You will receive information about this via e-mail.

If you are a first-time subscriber, you can subscribe a few weeks before general non-subscription bookings open.

As a subscriber, you’ll be allocated a fixed seat (this excludes the Subscriber’s Choice subscription, which allows you to to put together a programme of a minimum of five performances by selecting your desired performances and dates).

Ticket sales also open earlier for subscribers.

What kinds of subscriptions are available?
We have 16 different subscription options: You can choose from an opera, ballet or concert subscription, or a subscription with a mix of these, a Première subscription, or subscription for performances on a fixed day of the week. There are also three subscriptions for the various audience associations – Friends of the Opera, the Opera Club and the Opera House Ballet Club.

Read more about the various subscription options here


Where can we park the car?
The closest car parks are located in Sørenga and Prinsens gate, and at Oslo Central Station (by the Airport Express Train terminal / taxi rank).

Is disabled parking available?
Disabled parking spaces are available in Operagaten to the north of the building, directly beside the marble bridge into the Oslo Opera House. 

How close to the entrance are taxis able to stop?
Taxis can stop in Operagaten by the marble bridge to the Oslo Opera House, approx. 90 metres from the entrance.

Where is the closest taxi rank?
The closest taxi rank is by the marble bridge to the Oslo Opera House, or at the Airport Express Train terminal at Oslo Central Station.

Can I take the tram or bus to the Oslo Opera House?
Tram numbers 17, 18 and 19 stop at Oslo Central Station.

Bus numbers 30, 31, 37, 54 and 74 stop at Oslo Central Station / Jernbanetorget station, while bus numbers 32, 74, 81B and 83 stop by the Tollboden buildings.

Check the timetables on Ruter here

Is bicycle parking available at the Oslo Opera House?
Bicycle parking is available along Operagaten, and on the south side of the Oslo Opera House.

Persons with disabilities

Are wheelchair spaces available in the auditoriums?
There are four wheelchair spaces in the Main House and two in the Second House. Contact the box office or call +47  21 42 21 21 to order tickets for these spaces.

Can I enter the foyer using my wheelchair?
An entrance suitable for wheelchair users is located by the main entrance, on the far left. 

How do I access my seat if I’m a wheelchair or rollator user?
If you are a wheelchair user, please notify us when booking your tickets and contact the box office when you arrive. One of our ushers will then help you to your seat.

Are there lifts in the building?
Lifts to the Main House can be found on both sides of the auditorium. 

Can I bring an assistant with me if I am a wheelchair user?
If you have an official carer certificate, your assistant will be issued a free ticket. This applies to most performances, with the exception of certain guest performances.

Practical information

Inside the Opera House

Must I dress formally to attend a performance at the Oslo Opera House? 
Please dress however you are most comfortable! At the premières a number of audience members choose to dress a little more formally, but this is not a requirement.

Is there a staffed cloakroom?
No, the cloakroom is unstaffed and all items are left here at your own risk. However, a curtain is pulled down during the performance, and partially opened during the interval(s).

May I leave my bag in the cloakroom?
A number of small lockers / lockable boxes are available for your valuables. We have no space for suitcases, so for large items please use the baggage storage facilities at Oslo Central Station.

How do I find my cloakroom space?
The cloakroom is situated to the right of the entrance door. Your cloakroom number is printed on your ticket. 

What should I do if I have left something behind or lost something at the Oslo Opera House?
If you have left something behind or lost something during your visit to the Oslo Opera House, please call +47 21 42 21 21 or send an e-mail to 

Is a wireless network available at the Oslo Opera House?
We have a free wireless network – select Opera-gjestesone. No password is necessary.

How early should I arrive?
The first call is seven minutes prior to the performance. If you have already purchased a ticket we recommend you arrive 20 minutes before the performance is scheduled to start. If you would like to have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee before the performance, there are two bars in the foyer.

Is any reading material about the performances available?
For most performances in the Main House, a performance programme is available for purchase. This features details of the plot, interviews with the stage director, choreographer or artists, and articles with background information – as well as images from the performance. Programmes cost NOK 50 and are available for purchase in the foyer, at the box office, in the Opera Shop and at the bars.

You can also read more about the performances on

Are there any lectures associated with the performances?
Free introductory lectures to performances in the Main House are held in the Education Centre, situated to the right of the stairs in the foyer. The introductions start one hour prior to performances in the Main House (with the exception of certain guest performances), and have a duration of around 30 minutes. 
Introductions are also provided half an hour before all concerts held in the Main House. 

Première discussions with the stage director and artists are also held one week prior to opera premières. On the Saturday before ballet premières it is possible to see Saturdance extracts in the foyer.

What happens if I arrive late?
Performances start promptly, and the doors are then closed out of consideration for both the audience and the artists on stage. However, if you arrive late you can watch the performance on the monitor on the 1st balcony until the interval.

May I take photographs or make video recordings during the performance?
It is not permitted to take photographs or make video or sound recordings during the performance, since this is disruptive to both other guests and those performing. 

Where are the toilets?
Toilets, including a wheelchair-accessible toilet, are located in the cloakroom area. Other toilets are also available outside the Second House (to the left of the main entrance) and on all the balconies.

Where is the Second House?
The Second House is located to the left of the box office, opposite the Argent restaurant.

Where is the Education Centre, where introductory lectures are held?
The Education Centre is to the right of the stairs in the foyer.

Is there an Opera Shop?
The Opera Shop is situated to the right of the entrance. Here you will find a good selection of books, CDs and DVDs, in addition to opera glasses, souvenirs and much more.

Food and drink

Are there any restaurants at the Oslo Opera House?
The Oslo Opera House features two restaurants: the Argent restaurant (located next to the Second House to the left of the main entrance) and the Sanguine Brasserie, which serve both lunch and dinner. In the summer outdoor seating is available, with views of the fjord.
Bars are also located outside the Argent restaurant and on the first and second balconies. The balcony bars are only open during intervals.

Can I order food and opera/ballet tickets in a package?
Interval refreshments and tickets must be booked separately, but all performance pages on feature the option to order food and drink for the intervals.

Order your interval refreshments here

Interval refreshments can also be ordered at the bars prior to the performance.

Where do I collect the food and drink I have ordered during the interval?
Food and drink is placed on the bar counter in the foyer, directly next to the Sanguine Brasserie, or in the bar on the 1st balcony if you have ordered there. Orders are sorted alphabetically by surname.

May I take food and drink into the auditorium?
Food and drink may not be taken into the auditoriums.