Gift vouchers

The perfect gift to those who love music, opera or ballet

About gift vouchers

A gift voucher is a key to a thrilling world of magnificent experiences. It is the perfect gift for those interested in opera, ballet or music – or who are simply curious! A gift voucher can be used for all performances, including guest appearances. You decide the amount of the gift voucher, and the recipient can either use the whole amount at once or little by little throughout the two years it remains valid.

Please note that the voucher cannot be used after the period of validity has expired. The gift voucher can be sent to your e-mail address, and you can either print it out or forward it to the lucky recipient.  Or for an additional NOK 49 to cover costs, we can print it out for you and send it by post.  Alternatively, you can collect it from our box office. NB: Gift vouchers purchased through our old ticket system (i.e. purchased before 6 March 2013 and which expire before 6 March 2015) may be used as payment at the box office and by telephone, but cannot be used as payment over the internet. Gift vouchers can be purchased through the link below, at the box office or by phone +47 21 42 21 21.  

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 2. Velg beløp og antall. Trykk FORTSETT

3. Her vises leveringsmetode (print at home).

Hvis du vil ha gavekortet tilsendt, må du ringe oss på telefon 21 42 21 21.


4. Sjekk at sum og antall stemmer på ordreoversikten. Trykk FORTSETT.

5. Fyll inn navn, e-postadresse, postadresse og telefonnummer.

Huk av om du ønsker nyhetsbrev fra oss, og huk av for Jeg aksepterer salgs- og leveringsbetingelsene.
Trykk FORTSETT for å bli omdirigert til betalingsløsningen.

6. Fyll ut betalingsinformasjonen og trykk FORTSETT

7. Last ned og skriv ut gavekortet.

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